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My name is Lesia and I work with people who want to make an impact on the planet, but have been through a deeply challenging season and feel burned out and exhausted.

I help them create VIBRANT energy and mental clarity so they can make the contribution they’re here to make. I’m a certified health coach and am honoured to serve you, to get up and begin again. It’s your time!

Lesia Health COACH

Darkness. Blinding migraine pain. Exhaustion. Inability to get up without feeling like concrete vs blood, was flowing through my veins. Burnout. Mind numbing, body draining burnout. Brain fog. Inability to think beyond basic tasks and basic functioning. Profound deep sadness. Grief over what was in my heart to go do in the world, and struggling just to get up. Challenged faith and hope. Why, when I knew I was here to do such good in the world, did I feel so bad…

This was me, 2 ½ years ago. I had just crawled out of what I term the “meat grinder” decade… it had challenged me physically, emotionally and spiritually to my core. The decade was long, with many contributing factors…

  • Recovering from a very difficult childbirth of our incredible daughter, to getting very sick with a debilitating viral illness within 8 months, that resulted in extreme vertigo and neurological side effects of eye tremors and physical numbness.

  • Losing three loving incredible parents in 6 years. The heartache of witnessing their journeys and profound grief after saying good-bye.

  • Working in an intense high technology company performing a role that I increasingly struggled with, because of the stress and pace, and also because it was increasingly out of alignment with what I felt was my life purpose. I wanted to serve and support people, not push them or move them out of the company.

  • Resolving a prolonged and challenging 3 ½ year legal situation while raising our young daughter, managing our family and small farm, and performing in an intense work environment.

During this decade, I experienced upwards to 3 migraines a week, challenging and irregular hormonal cycles, and was diagnosed with the auto-immune condition, Hashimotos hypothyroidism. By the end of this decade I was also classically burned out – emotionally and physically. I knew things had to change and so I saved, to fund my exit plan. A fundamental part of me knew I needed to end this chapter, heal myself and begin again, in a new way and into a new direction.

The problem was, that despite getting great care from the traditional medical system, I still felt terrible. The prescribed medications and treatments led to my medical tests coming into correct ranges but I still felt terrible. I knew burn out took time to recover from but even though I slowly started to feel better, I knew what I wanted and needed to feel, and there was a huge gap. I longed to feel vibrant. I had a sense that this next chapter of my life would require me to level up and transform from where I was, to become vibrant, excited and ready to go – ready to make things happen.

After making the bold and deeply scary decision to resign from the company I’d worked at for 22 years, I began a 2 ½ year healing journey. I knew for certain that I wanted to heal myself naturally. Working with a homeopath and naturopathic doctor things started to improve. With deep tissue massage I started to release both physical and emotional stress. I passionately researched on-line, to learn other natural ways to further heal and become vibrant. I over-hauled my eating and exercise. Despite growing up in a loud and loving eastern European family, where incredibly delicious homemade food was not only our culture, but also our love and joy, I let go of a lot of things I loved to eat, to reduce inflammation and heal my gut. I began to move, really slowly at first, and increased with baby steps as my body told me it was ready. I started to lose weight. My migraines began to reduce in frequency. I slowly discovered what triggered them. During this time, I joined the incredible Health Coach Institute and completed both their Health Coach certification and their Mastery coaching program, to certify in the Transformational Coaching Method.

The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you discover why. Oprah

It’s taken me a long time to get clear on my specific mission… Despite always knowing I wanted to make this world better, pieces unfolded slowly, but it wasn’t until recently, it all solidified. Now, feeling vibrant and clear, I am ready to serve precious beings who also know they’re here to make positive change happen in the world and need help recovering from their own difficult seasons.

I want to help them become vibrant and live out what’s in their hearts. If you’re a depleted changemaker, I’m here and honoured to help you on your journey, to get up and begin again!


When you invest in your health through my company, you’re also helping meaningful change in the world, because with every purchase, you support the following organizations

On the morning of December 2, Cormac and his sister, Shea Kerin, were waiting for the school bus in Port Hope when they were hit by a northbound vehicle. Cormac died at the scene. Shea was airlifted in critical condition to Toronto’s Sick Kids hospital, where she remains. In addition to greatly appreciated prayers, a fund has been set up to raise money for the family.

Additional background

  • Graduated Honours Bachelor of Economics and Business.

  • 22 years in Management, Marketing and Human Resource roles in the high tech industry.

  • Certified as a Health Coach and Mastery coaching in the Transformational Coaching Method.

  • After growing up a native of Toronto, moved east to the hills of Northumberland County Ontario, to make a life dream of having a horse farm a reality. Now along with my husband, daughter, dog, cats and horse family members, I’ve called this beautiful part of the world home, for almost 20 years.






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